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DG Holmes offer a full support and installation service for Ultrasonic Wash systems.

We can supply “off the shelf” units or design fully integrated customised ultrasonic wash systems.

Ultrasonic Wash

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We have our own on-site Ultrasonic Washer testing facility so you can try our products free of charge.

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Specialist Ultrasonic Washers from DG Holmes Engineering

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Case Study 1 - Ultrasonic Wash Gear Cleaning

The techniques for manufacturing gears and gear components do not differ dramatically from other industries. Precision cutting, grinding, polishing, and buffing are all part of the process. But manufacturing is not complete until the gear assemblies and other gearing components are cleaned and thoroughly prepped for shipment. Gears’ blind holes, threaded holes, and precision teeth add a degree of cleaning difficulty not generally seen in other machining applications.


Our client approached us to fined the best ultrasonic cleaning methods to ensure the parts were thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery and inclusion as part of  full unit.


We recommended the GM3523 Ultrasonic wash machine.


The ease of operation with a process timer, filtration, temperature control, low level protection and seven day timer built into the machine followed by surface skimming (this stops the parts being recoated with oil floating on the top of the cleaning solution).


Initially the company bought two units and was pleased with the quality and ease of use, they then ordered five more.



Case Study 2- Ultrasonic Wash Cylinder Head Cleaning


A new client asked us to look at their process for cleaning cylinder heads as part of a full manufacturing process. After using our on site testing facility to see what levels of cleanliness were possible we visited their site to specify the ideal ultrasonic was unit to fit into their process.



The cleanliness level exceeded the customer’s expectations and the performance surpassed similar washers they currently have in house.


We suggested the Ransohoff’s new Lean-Jet RB-8 the manufacturer recently developed a specific new process consisting of part fixturing, chemistries, and cycle times to meet a customer’s  200 micron cleanliness specification.  


In the new Lean-Jet RB-8 all of the internal passages are thoroughly cleaned and flushed using our patented “triple action” cleaning process.  

After the initial wash, an ultrasonic cleaning cycle is used to enhance the “triple action” process.  To insure a maximum particle size of 200 micron is maintained, step filtration is used on the rinse tank.  This includes 50 micron bag filters, followed by 10 micron cartridge filtration.


The cleanliness level exceeded the customer’s expectations and the performance surpassed similar washers they currently have in house.


Case Study 3 - Ultrasonic Wash Fluid Recycling.


Cost savings on fluid recycling are an important part of any ultrasonic wash process . One of our biggest client approached us for suggestions on how to save money by recycling waste.


We had no hesitation recommending Ransohoff’s Waste Wizard


The system comes complete with its own fluid transfer arrangement that automatically exchanges dirty cleaner from your parts washers with recycled cleaner.  


When used in conjunction with our Evercycle line of chemistries, the WasteWizard system has the ability to fully recycle the cleaning chemistry saving thousands of pounds in chemical usage, energy, labor, waste processing and hauling expenses.   


Our client installed the units to our specification with a considerable cost saving.


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